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thatcher 中文 thatcher的中文意思

thatcher 中文 意思是什麼 音標 [‘θætʃə] thatcher解釋 n. 名詞 撒切爾主義〈指她奉行的強硬政治路線〉。 ※英文詞彙 thatcher在字典百科英英字典中的解釋。 例句 He started to school and had the luck of coming upon becky thatcher at the head of meadow lane

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denis thatcher的中文意思:丹尼士・戴卓爾…, 三樂事 sp1901 查閱denis thatcher的詳細中文翻譯,發音,用法和例句等。 法斗有什麼顏色 丹尼士・戴卓爾 丹尼斯撒切爾 “denis”中文翻譯 n.丹尼斯〔姓氏,男子名〕。 “thatcher”中文翻譯 n.撒切爾主義〔指她奉行的強硬政治路線〕。
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中文(繁體) 登入或註冊 Language English 日本語 中文(繁體) 登入或註冊 20, Obama 找單字 找單字 margaret thatcher The British ‘ s opinion on Thatcher is very divided and split into two camps; those who hate her and those who admire her. The deep divisions
Margaret Thatcher, frequent Sunnylands guest, dies at 87 - Sunnylands

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檢查“ Margaret Thatcher”到中文的翻譯。 小米盒子 google play store 分享 瀏覽句子中Margaret Thatcher的翻譯示例, msbscakery tst pin 聽發音并學習語法。 我 阻止 了 刺 殺 柴契爾 夫人 的 計畫
Q&A with Thatcher Bean director of Madein Ilima | ADFF Athens

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Thatcher 能從遠處解除敵人的陷阱:如果你知道敵人的位置, dyson hp06 比價 dyson 你可以打破窗門或破開牆壁, 再從掩體擲出 Thatcher 的電磁脈衝手榴彈 – 任何在爆炸範圍內的電子儀器都會被立刻癱瘓。Thatcher 領軍的團隊能解除 Mute 的干擾儀器的威脅, 夢幻天堂 夢幻天堂 夢幻天堂全集1 31全 夢幻天堂劇情 讓團隊能破壞任何本來免受爆破炸藥或其他遙控引爆裝置破壞的牆壁。
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Margaret Hilda Thatcher中文的意思,翻譯及用法:n.British stateswoman; first woman to serve as Prime Minister (born in 1925)同義詞:。 100米ドルは何円 100ドルは日本円でいくら 英漢詞典提供【Margaret Hilda
Paul Johnson: The World-Changing Margaret Thatcher - WSJ
Denis Thatcher
Thatcher was born in Lewisham, south London, as the first child of New Zealand-born British businessman Thomas Herbert “Jack” Thatcher (15 October 1885 – 24 June 1943) and Lilian Kathleen Bird (7 July 1889 – 25 October 1976).At age eight Denis entered a preparatory school as a boarder in Bognor Regis, following which he attended the nonconformist public school,
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London-July 1: Margaret Thatcher, <a href=偉景花園管理處 偉景花園 British Prime Minister, 富山自由行2016 Speaks On July 1, 13/line視訊特效如何開啟 1991 In London. She Was Prime Minister From 1979-1990. Stock Photo …”>
Thatcherism is a form of British conservative ideology named after Conservative Party leader Margaret Thatcher.The term has been used to describe the principles of the British government under Thatcher from the 1979 general election to her resignation in 1990, and continuing into the Conservative governments under John Major and David Cameron. [1]
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Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher LG OM DStJ PC FRS (13 October 1925 – 8 April 2013) was a British stateswoman. She served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK) from 1979 to 1990, 東沙群島 東沙島_360百科 [1] longer than any other British prime minister in the 20th century. She led the UK’s Conservative Party from 1975 to 1990. Thatcher was the first
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