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petty cash voucher 中文 1774A

1774A 英文傳票(Petty Cash Voucher)
華捷文具成立已久,主要從事文具買賣,批發,價錢大眾化,歡迎光臨選購。網站則是選用ec shop city 網頁設計公司製作 【貨品名稱】1774A 英文傳票(Petty Cash Voucher) 【貨品型號】1774A 【貨品條碼】 【貨品編號】DE004 【貨品品牌】 【貨品單位】本
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會計問題!!!救命!(mainly voucher)
3/6/2010 · 1. Petty Cash Voucher 即係零用現金支出傳票,係記錄所有以現金方式支出之費用。你正常會有一本零用現金賬冊用以記錄該等支出。Bank Payment Voucher即係銀行支出傳票,係記錄所有徠銀行所支出之費用。你正常會有一本零用銀行賬冊用以記錄該等支出。
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檢查“ petty cash”到中文的翻譯。瀏覽句子中petty cash的翻譯示例,聽發音并學習語法。 Finally, it observed the existence of petty cash accounts with negative balances. 最后,委員會觀察到存在負結余的零用金賬戶。
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檢查“ petty favors”到中文的翻譯。瀏覽句子中petty favors 的翻譯示例,聽發音并學習語法。 Glosbe使用Cookie來確保您獲得最佳體驗 Glosbe 登錄 英文 中文 英文 中文 petty cash fund petty cash voucher petty corruption petty crime petty criticism petty favors
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Petty cash
Petty cash is a small amount of discretionary funds in the form of cash used for expenditures where it is not sensible to make any disbursement by cheque, because of the inconvenience and costs of writing, signing, and then cashing the cheque.[1] The most common way of accounting for petty cash expenditures is to use the imprest system.[2] The

Petty cash voucher

Petty cash voucher by Zach — 324 Petty cash voucher by Zach — 324 Bring your visual storytelling to the next level Español Français Italiano Português Suomi العربية ע ב ר ית 中文(臺灣) 中文(簡體) Articles All articles Infographics This site . Your use of
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Petty Cash (Meaning, Examples)
Cash payment cannot be proved if the same is not settled after taking proper shreds of evidence into account. Hence a petty cash voucher format shall be created to put evidence in the process and shall be signed by the receiver of cash at the time of payment. A
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Petty Cash
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petty cash voucher
Look up the English to Spanish translation of petty cash voucher in the PONS online dictionary. Includes free vocabulary trainer, verb tables and pronunciation function. English Deutsch български Ελληνικά English
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Petty Cash Book is a ready-to-use template in Excel, Google Sheets, and Open Office Calc to systematically record and manage your petty or small daily routine payments. Large businesses maintain Petty Cash Book to reduce the burden of ‘Main Cash Book’ by recording sundry expenses like postal, stationery, pantry, loading, etc.
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